Projects with a large amount of SIM cards and IoT projects expect our expertise while the increasing migration of UC into the cloud represents for many customers a challenge that we are happy to support. The consolidation of distributed UC resources is a great opportunity to reap the benefits of UC cloud communications. This can considerably increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. IMPC has migrated it's own telephony system into the cloud to experience the benefits of such a move for our customers with the benefit of optimal reachibility and flexibility in the offices and on the move.


Many interesting projects kept us moving and were successfully for our customers implemented. Highlights amongst them are:

-Machine to Machine RFQ for 20.000 M2M devices. First time for all suppliers this solution was tendered with eUICC (eSIM) technology. It was one of the first successful projects in Austria that was tendered. Implementation starts in Qu 3/2018

- Mobile tarif optimisation with severe cost savings at several major key account customers

- Key account project with RFQ in Germany and Austria and sucessful migration of +5.550 SIM cards in Germany for major automotive customer. Substantial cost optimisations could be achieved for the customer with an ultra-short ROI.

- Global UC strategy project with an international global customer and its 55.000 employees. In 3 phases focus areas like conferencing/messaging, whiteboarding/collaboration and UC telephony have been analysed and with new harmonised solutions implemented. During more than one year project work we could develop scalable and effective solutions have been worked out and implemented.


January 2017

A happy and prosperous New Year to all customers, partners and supplier !

IMPC is grateful in being able to work with so many interesting projects in the telecommunication area. Main themes from our recent projects are mobility deployments, smartmeter applications and cloud UC implementations. Our visit to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year gave us valuable inputs to future directions and future pacemakers in the area of telecommunication.

The telecommunication industry is in major change processes with suppliers consolidating and restructuring their offers to fit to updated customer requirements. We are observing the industry closely to assist our customers in the best productive way. 


June 2016

A major UC project of an international customer is in the final implementation phase and ends with the successful migration of 3500 UC users in a highly redundant and complex customer configuration with the following components:

During the 8-month implementation project the customer could successfully migrate from his previous VoIP PBX to a powerful UC solution. IMPC acted as external project managers to represent the interest of the customer against suppliers and contributed to the successful implementation of this UC migration.

March 2016

The year 2016 started with several interesting projects in the area of Unified Communication (UC), Smart Metering and global conferencing and collaboration projects. Cloud solutions are increasingly requested. This tendency is confirmed by the fact that Gartner group stops their previous report for single PBX systems and instead focus on UC systems. The PBX market has changed and moved into the UC area indeed.

December 2015

This year we could start many new and interesting projects with existing and new customers. We are looking forward to serve our customers with innovative solutions in the new year.

We thank our customers and partners for the good cooperation and wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year !

April 2015

IMPC works on global cloud telephony projects with customers that also can be integrated in hybrid solutions with existing on-premise PBX infrastructure. Meanwhile it is possible to support complex customer requirements with cloud solutions. We regard cloud telephony as a strong ongoing trend that can complement existing on-premise solutions or even replace them depending on customer requirements.

Another theme that IMPC supports are high quality videoconferencing solutions. They help to reduce travel expenses and time but furthermore they break with HD quality traditional barriers and acceptance issues that existed in the past with videoconferencing solutions. IMPC takes care that videoconferencing solutions offer excellent usability because the best videoconferencing product is of little use if it can't be intuitively be used by everybody in an enterprise.


December 2014

IMPC is glad to look back upon an interesting business year in which we could achieve substantial optimisations and cost savings for our customers. The telecommunication markets are under cost pressure at both suppliers as well as customers. In this context it is even more important to target optimisations by merging our high technical competence with in-depth solution competence. This is what IMPC GmbH is standing for and successful projects in 2014 are proof of this claim.

From a technical perspective the issue of cloud telephony/communications gains high interest with customers as our projects demonstrate it. Cloud solution face new challenges for both suppliers and customers and IMPC is striving to optimise the solutions to provide substantial customer benefits.

We thank our customers for the cooperation and interesting projects and wish our customers and partners a relaxed Christmas period and all the best for this festive season!


April 2014

Also in the 11th year of IMPC operations new innovative solutions are created for customers. Amongst other solutions we could create a new Intelligent Network (IN) platform in a cloud configuration for an European financial provider. Over 1.200 national and international branch offices are unified on one communication platform without the need to change existing legacy PBX infrastructures. This innovative umbrella solution works with the existing network and provides major functional enhancements as well as considerable cost savings for the customer.


November 2013

Due to the current news and security concerns we received several questions about call & message interception of confidential information by using mobile phones. Here are some available security applications for mobile smartphones that can increase the security of enterprise communications:

As a replacement for popular short message services like Text/SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp there exists an interesting messaging app with the USP that the sender can control who can read messages, where and for how long. According to the creators of this app a highly secure encryption method is used: https://www.mywickr.com/en/index.php

Encryption of telephone calls and messages for iOS and Android smartphones: https://www.seecrypt.com/ , https://silentcircle.com/

A must-have plug-in for common web browsers that intercepts tracking cookies: https://www.ghostery.com/

These tools can increase the security of mobile communications in enterprises. In any case we recommend to check the eventual use of this applications beforehand by your internal IT & Security departements or security advisors.


August 2013

IMPC GmbH performed successfuly the migration of a cloud based contact center with more than 500 agent seats in Austria and 700 agent seats in Netherlands for an international customer. The requirement profile for IMPC was not only project management abilities but also solution design knowledge to realise this complex project of a well know international top500 Fortune company. The switchover from the previous routing platform to the new cloud contact center solution was professionally managed and prepared over several months in order to realise a switchover in only one night shift in order to secure an uninterrupted service for the customer. The new cloud CC solution does not only provide a significant higher functionality but also substantial cost savings for the customer. IMPC GmbH has accompanied this complex project from the conception of the RFQ phase to the successful implementation during several project phases.


January 2013

IMPC GmbH is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. We would like to thank all our customers and partners for the good working relationships over the past years! 

We currently see more demand for consultancy services and implementation support surrounding cloud projects (CaaS - Communication as a Service) as customers are increasingly turning to this subject and to the highly productive solutions which are now available on the market. 

A further important subject is FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence), which is gaining importance not least due to the increased usage on Smartphones, bringing VoIP/SIP telephony to mobile devices. 

IMPC GmbH will continue to devise innovative and cost effective solutions for its customers and we look forward to further interesting projects over the coming years.


January-July 2012

This year IMPC supported, amongst other projects, several customers with relevant Contact Center projects in the RFQ and implementation phase. Complex national and international Contact Center configurations with up to 1000 agents have been put to tender. Special focus is on integrated and networked issues like:

November 2011

This year IMPC continues to support many customers in optimising their telecommunication solutions and improving cost efficiency. The functional integration of mobile telephony into telephone systems is a development worth pursuing. Customers are increasingly interested in One Number Services. as these offer independency from physical mobile phone numbers (e.g. no need to change business cards when changing provider). Thanks not least to the spread of smartphones, new possibilities are appearing which can optimally support internationally active employees and reduce roaming costs as far as possible.

October 2011

The competition around mobile operating systems is hot. BlackBerry is finding itself defending its customers more and more against other operating systems which often offer the customer a lower technological entry threshold.

iOS and Android are winning more and more customers and formerly dominant companies like Nokia and BlackBerry have to increasingly exert themselves in order to keep up with fast-paced developments.

September 2011

Voice over IP solutions are now standard for telecommunication systems, and all providers offer good quality solutions in this field. In the meantime “Cloud” telephony solutions, which are more and more accommodating the customer’s wishes for “plug and play telephony” are also pushing into the market. An exciting development for the next years.

July 2011

An international mobile phone tender was successfully carried out for a global customer with over 15,000 SIM cards. Besides achieving an excellent tariff optimisation, a global contract offering innovative options was signed for extended Europe. The individual customer requirements were catered for optimally, achieving synergies on an international level. Many thanks to all the mobile communications providers involved who supported this project so excellently with their professional commitment.

February 2011

The year 2011 continues to focus on optimising costs. IMPC supports customers to achieve demonstrably industry-leading results in this regard, without compromising on performance or quality. 2011 appears to be the year of the smartphones. Thanks to iPhone and Android these products are now reaching a mass market. 

January 2011

IMPC wishes all our customer and partners a successful New Year!

This year will be dominated by smartphones. Apple’s iPhone is finding its way into the corporate world. Companies are increasingly considering “Bring your own device” models, providing that security issues are clarified. Android is rapidly gaining market share. Social Media for companies will be a hot topic. Sofware as a Service (SaaS) is being pushed.

March 2010

Visit to the CeBit 2010 in Hannover to evaluate new trends in IT and telecommunications. There were fewer exhibitors this year and no groundbreaking trends could be identified. The CeBit will need a relaunch over the next few years if it is to continue to invite visitor interest. One trend was the large number of Asian producers who were present in all areas and the restrained presence of European and American producers.

January 2010

IMPC would like to wish all its customers and partners a successful New Year!

Significant technical innovations are expected this year regarding unified communication, smartphones and mobility integration. We will be evaluating the latest trends from the CeBit 2010 and will keep you informed... 

September 2009

The new IMPC homepage is online!

April 2009

Visit to Internet World trade fair in London www.internetworld.co.uk

Mega trends:

Visit to the UCL Institute of Computer Science, London http://www.cs.ucl.ac.uk/

One of the leading academic education and research facilities in Europe shows how the combination of academic research and business can be both productive and profitable.

Fascinating insight into current research projects:

January 2009

Move to new business location - see contact details.

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